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CEF Manasota's Youth Discipleship & Training Program:

Christian Youth in Action

CEF's CYIA program is key to our ministry. It's all about helping older kids and teens learn how to effectively communicate their faith as they grow closer to Jesus. 

Christian Youth programs in bradenton and sarasota
Christian Youth Programs in Bradenton and Sarasota
Christian youth program in bradenton and sarasota



A pivotal component of CEF ministry is the CYIA program. Christian Youth In Action is designed to first and foremost grow older children and teenagers in their relationship with Christ. We know that today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders, and it is our desire to see young men and women go deeper in their spiritual walk as they partner with CEF. 


Additionally, CYIA provides young Christians the opportunity to receive training on how to effectively share their faith with others. Every year, CEF provides Summer Training to students who want to grow in their faith and also teach the Gospel to the next generation. 


Of course, as we work with teenagers, we also like to have fun! We do this in a variety of ways, from our annual Winter Retreat to events such as movie nights or bowling. 


CYIA is not a youth group connected to a specific church, but it is a group of students who want to dig deeper and go further in their faith. CYIA is a community of young believers who long to fulfill the Great Commission, and it is our priority to equip them to do so. CEF does not just preach the Gospel to children until they finish elementary school, but rather continues to walk alongside children every step of the way as they progress into young adults. 

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