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sharing the Gospel in public schools

Become a Church Partner with CEF Manasota

The Partnership

A partnership with CEF provides an opportunity for your church to reach the children and families of your community right where they are - the public schools! This extension of your children's ministry is achieved through a once a week after-school program called the Good News Club.


Children meet for 1 1/2 hours in an engaging environment filled with interactive Bible Lessons, games, songs, and Scripture memory taught by volunteers from your church that are trained and equipped through Child Evangelism Fellowship. 

The Benefits

  • Establishes and deepens a partnership between your church and the public school system. 

  • Provides contact with new families (of Good News Club participants), whom you can invite to special events and your Sunday services. 

  • Allows your church to be a blessing to children, their families, their schools, and your community!

  • Opens up channels of communication with school districts, school principals, and potentially community centers and daycares. 

  • Provides a fun and impactful way to mobilize church members of all ages for missionary outreach opportunities in your community. 

  • Builds trust and relationships with unchurched children and families. 

  • Establishes a safe haven for unchurched families - giving them somewhere to turn when needs arise or when they are looking for a church to attend. 

  • Helps your congregation maintain a vision for lost souls through verbal reports, sharing prayer needs and praises, and bulletin inserts regarding club activities and testimonials. 

  • Trains and develops new volunteer workers not only for your Good News Club but for your church's children's ministry program.

  • Facilitates the spiritual maturity and leadership growth of team members through their ministry involvement in neighborhoods and schools. 

How to Become a Church Partner

We are excited to partner with you to bring the Gospel to public schools! To become a church partner, simply fill out this form and a member of our team will set up a time to meet with you to go over all of the logistics and details. 

Thanks for submitting!

"I believe only God can change a heart, and therefore, Good News Club, with its Gospel-centric focus, is the best way to build a bridge with local families to the church. They have experience, training, and resources to help any church make this possible."

Family Pastor of The Tabernacle Church

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