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Christian Youth In Action Christian Teen Retreat
Christian Youth In Action Christian Teen Retreat
Christian Youth In Action Christian Teen Retreat



Every year more than 50 students across the state of Florida meet at Camp Sonlight in Summerfield to grow in their relationship with Christ, or perhaps meet Him for the first time. The Winter Retreat is a 3-day event over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend where teenagers have the opportunity to listen to teaching from God’s Word that will impact many aspects of their daily life. 


What should you expect? Attending Winter Retreat means you can count on the following: Biblical applications, plenty of food, competitive games, Worship music, a bonfire, and more than likely some new friendships that could last a lifetime. 


In January 2023, CEF Manasota took 20 students to the Winter Retreat. The weekend's teachings was based on the book, 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin. Students had the chance to learn about ways to best share their faith amidst the growing cultural challenges Christians face in today's world.

Next year, the Unplugged Winter Retreat will take place from January 12th-14th, location to be determined. Students will have an opportunity to have increased times of fellowship and worship, while still learning about and discussing important issues for the follower of Christ in today's world. If you have any questions about our Winter Retreat, or if you wish to sign up, please contact the CEF Manasota office.


We hope to see you at the Winter Retreat in January 2024!


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